Date N Seeds Bar
Date N Seeds Bar
Date N Seeds Bar
Date N Seeds Bar
Date N Seeds Bar

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No Added Preservatives • No Added Sugar • Vegan • Gluten Free • Diabetic Friendly

These are all-natural N highly nutritious energy bars made with the natural sweetness of Dates combined with seeds(Pumpkin/ Flax/Watermelon/Sesame/Sunflower) n Almonds. This energy bar is rich in iron , Vegan and often consumed by Diabetics too. It is free from any added preservatives or additives such as artificial colors & flavours or genetically modified ingredients. Makes a great accompaniment with your cup of tea or coffee or a great on the go snack , consumed by all age groups.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, Sunflower, Flax, White and black sesame seeds, Chia seeds, Watermelon seeds, Almonds, Dates.

Shelf life: 3 months from the date of manufacture.
Storage information: Store in a refrigerator.
Dietary disclaimer: Made in a facility that processes nuts.

Nutritional info: 


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